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ETHIBIT offers corporate services such as  Temporary  Management , Managerial Consulting , Business Process Reengineering, Corporate Performance Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management.

ETHIBIT  deals with companies of different sizes and business, located worldwide.

ETHIBIT proposes itself as a   highly professional partner, flexible and competent, in a position to guarantee its clients efficacious and tailor-made solutions so as to achieve  an innovative  management of the Technical, Financial and Human resources, as well as  of  Business Processes and Information.

Various software tools are available.

ETHIBIT intervention is most appreciated  when client  feels  the need to start up improvement processes (BPR)  which involve  a part of,   or even all , the company activities, when company search after new markets,  when new  business have to be evaluated and planned, when a managerial support is  required, when a generation turn-over is on the road.

ETHIBIT projects and interventions are  always designed having as a focus the client and its individual and specific requirements, thus being able to guarantee the achievement  of  defined targets, by means of the most suitable managerial tools.

ETHIBIT 's high quality of services is confirmed by sides also by several partnership and collaboration activated by the company with the world of University and Research, as well as by the skill and know-how of personnel and partner.

Via per S. Alessio, 703
Monte S. Quirico 55100 Lucca - Italy
Tel . +39-0583-330621
Fax: +39-0583-332507

Documento senza titolo
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